Top Tips On How To Lower Blood Pressure

Due to the present life style of people in the twenty first century, the incidence of high blood pressure is on the rise. Because of this, both hypertensive patients and healthy people who are at risk of developing hypertension must now be more conscious of how to lower their blood pressure naturally.

For people with high blood pressure, conventional blood pressure treatment, such as high blood pressure drugs may not be enough. Most medical professionals now agree that lifestyle changes are also necessary and must form part of the overall high blood pressure treatment.

This is also true for healthy people who may or may not be at risk of having high blood pressure. Making a choice now can help prevent the possibility of becoming hypertensive in the future.

Whether you are already a high blood pressure patient or a healthy person, the key to lowering blood pressure is actually quite simple but in most cases hard to follow. What you basically need to do is to make some changes in your life style. This means that to lower your blood pressure and to keep it that way, you have to effect changes in your lifestyle and keep it that way.

Here are some tips on how to lower blood pressure.

1. Avoid excessive weight gain. Find out what is your ideal weight range based on your height and age and aim to be within that range. In almost all cases, as a personís weight increases, so does blood pressure. Increase in weight means increased cholesterol levels, which causes plaque. This builds up in the arteries making the passages smaller and makes it more difficult for the heart to pump blood. This causes high blood pressure.

2. Make it a point to exercise regularly. Aside from promoting good blood circulation, exercise, also helps in maintaining an ideal weight. If exercising may be difficult to put in to your busy schedule, at the very least, try to live an active life style. Walk rather than ride if you are just going short distances. Choose the stairs rather than taking the elevator, if you have to go up or down just one or two floors of a building.

3. Lower your intake of sodium or salt. Increased levels of sodium in the body increase a personís risk of getting high blood pressure. And since you already get sodium from most of the food you eat naturally, it is not really necessary to supplement your food with it by adding salt. Try to limit eating out, especially in fast food places, as these places generally serve food with higher than normal salt content.

4. Supplement your potassium intake. Increased potassium levels in the body have been found to decrease blood pressure levels. Taking potassium supplements as well as eating foods rich in potassium will definitely help lower your blood pressure.

5. Lastly cut down on caffeine. Alcohol and caffeine have been found to increase a personís risk of high blood pressure, although some health experts believe the intake of one beer or one glass a day can be one way to prevent high blood pressure.

But all these tips on how to lower blood pressure should be taken as a means to improve your lifestyle and health. They are useless unless a lifestyle change is effected.

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